Back to school


This is the story of my first ever photo contest that I participated in. It’s organized by Jared Polin – a very capable photographer, who actually have taught me a lot of things with his educational YouTube channel – FroKnowPhoto ( more on this later ). The contest theme was “Back To School” it’s just what it sounds – photos that remind you of going back to school. After about a week of trying to figure out what was this particular thing that always reminds me of school I had an idea (not that original though).

Back To School photo

This is what i have came up with as a final result. The most fun part of this was the moment I realized I have to make some kind of flash diffuser for the built-in flash (since I haven’t yet purchased off-camera one). This was necessary simply because the built-in flash and the 18-200 Sigma I use don’t work particularly good together. There are always some dark spots thanks to the lens that always show on the image when I use the flash.  So I had to become creative. After a little bit of online research I stumbled across the simplest of them all… drumroll …. white sheet of A4 paper. Yep that’s right. Plain white sheet of paper. I have traced the small protective cap for the hot shoe with pencil and just extended a little bit the lines towards the end of the sheet. After that with the help of a scissors I managed to cut the “diffuser” and to mount it on the camera … And voila ! It worked … it managed to diffuse the light perfectly to simultaneously light up the subject in front of the lens as well as to bounce some light from the sealing and the walls and light up the dark spot. Then I had to enter in the contest, which unfortunately i didn’t win but hey .. it’s the first one in my life. Who knows … maybe next time I’ll be more lucky  🙂